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This form explains the agent/broker program for Blake Miller Homes



1. To properly register your client, here adhere to the following:

a. Registration with Prospect. Valid for Thirty (30) days from the date of the first visit or contact of our sales team.

b. Prospect registering the Agent. The prospect must be accompanied by the agent on their first visit or appointment.

c. Registration without Prospect Present. Telephone and facsimile registrations are valid only five (5) days. A confirming site visit by both agent and prospect is required for a valid 30-day registration within the 5 days.

2. If the client has previously visited the community or contacted our sales team within the past 90 days or has been previously registered with the Community Sales Manager, the agent/broker will not be eligible for a referral fee.

3. A contract must be executed within 30 days from initial registration in order for the agent/broker to be eligible for the referral fee. Agent/Broker must re-register his/her client after 30 days.

4. Please be advised that certain homes may have been listed on the Multiple Listing Service. See the Community Sales Manager for information on these homes. The broker referral program as to these lots on Multiple Listing Service has been terminated and any commission to be paid on Multiple Listing Service listed homes will be paid pursuant to the Multiple Listing Service’s listings, rules, and procedures.

5. A Referral Fee based on the base house price will be paid from the Seller’s escrow proceeds at Date of Occupancy. Fees are determined per community. See sales representative for details. Referral will be paid only for referral to the community where the client is registered by agent/broker. The referral fee will become due and payable upon the Date of Occupancy of the property and will be paid to/through the named broker. As of the date the referring agent/broker registers a client and at the time the referral fee becomes due, the referring agent/broker must; (a) have an active Utah Real Estate Salesperson or Broker License certificate; and (b) Have his/her License hung with a brokerage firm whose primary business is listing and selling residential real estate in the county in which the community is located or a neighboring county.

6. After the point of introduction, the Community Sales Manager will handle all contacts and follow-up directly with the Buyer. The Builder will accept no contract on forms other than those provided.

7. The referral of a client or the payment of a referral fee does not establish any agency relationship between the Builder and the agent/broker. Any compensation paid to the referral broker is for the referral broker’s referral of the buyer of that property only.

8. This registration cannot protect the referral broker from another referral broker becoming involved. Any dispute arising between referral brokers due to these guidelines will need to be resolved by the referral broker involved. In no event will Builder be responsible for more then one referral fee per transaction.

9. If a contract is accepted and later is terminated for any reason, Builder will not be responsible for a referral fee to the referral broker.

10. Builder reserves the right to change or cancel this referral broker program at any time without notice. However, Builder will honor the guidelines under which a referral broker registers his/her client for 30 days from the date of registration.

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